Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Daily Bucket of FRESHMEAT?

The First Site I go to when I'm on the Fedora CORE 6 machine is visit that fresh repository of new cooked programs (mainly for Linux) called Freshmeat II.

Once in a while, instead of software, an article or editorial appears, like the following:

The Case For Java-Based Scripting Languages
by Subhash Chandran, in Editorials - Sat, Apr 21st 2007 00:00 PDT

Scripting languages are ubiquitous. They are used everywhere: in log parsing, triggering applications, or performing volatile operations which require frequent changes in logic. Shell script was one of the most popular languages through the end of 1980s. Then came Perl, which revolutionized the world of scripting. Later in the day, we have Python and Ruby, both pretty popular. In an organization having primarily Java skills, is it worthwhile to have your developers learn these languages?

Remainder of the Script Language Editorial is HERE.

But most of the time, the juicy-MEAT stuff is a Fresh New LINUX program, like the following:

Evolution RSS Reader Plugin 0.0.1
by Luci Langa - Sat, Apr 21st 2007 03:43 PDT

About: The Evolution RSS Reader Plugin enables support for RSS feeds in the Evolution mail reader.

Changes: A feed setup dialog and error messages were implemented. A progress window for reading RSS was added along with automatic folder creation.

This latter posting is MAINLY the reason I visit the site on a semi-daily basis.

On this day, Sat. April 21, 5:32 AM 2007 there were 25 fresh programs posted.

Yum-yum. Fresh Meat.

Even for vegetarians...