Sunday, December 23, 2007

Linux and WIFI

Finding Hotspots and Tools to Access WIFI

ACS American Constitution Society
For Law and Policy

In many respects, WiFi on Linux is not quite Ready-For-Primetime.

Even the latest Fedora 8, which Yashamaru is testing on a laptop before installing to his main machine Could Not find the WiFi signal running in our house. I've had similar setbacks with Fedora Core 6 and WiFi.

Ethernet cable works great on FC6. Even my Sony PSP catches WiFi like a champ, making my homebrew enabled Internet Radio very enjoyable, with rarely a drop in the signal to interrupt the music (a good way to test the wifi connection).

Another detail Yashamaru, found working on a Windows XP powered laptop he was converting to run Linux, was XP's lack of driver support for SATA (serial ATA) harddrives, the New Standard.

More to come, on WiFI and Linux.
Wingman out.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If You Knew Suse Like I Know SuSE....

Yep, I'm back for a brief visit to SuSE land. It's called openSuSE now.

This is only temporary. 10.2 has problems, which I'll talk about at my MediaCircus2 blog. No need to rehash that here.

This is for workarounds that really work.

First up, Setting up a XEN Virtual Machine.

I need to install a XEN Virtual Machine. So I visited openSuSE 10.2 website for information.

The ground work.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mine's is bigger than Yours

Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking Movie ticket sales records here.

And Sony and Disney just want to set the "Record" straight. The studios NEVER screw with the numbers. RIGHT?


It really doesn't matter, does it? The main numbers to remember are:
When does 3 become 4?

That's when the third and final movie of the series for Spiderman, Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean, become 4.

When the receipts exeed 200,000 dollars in the first 10 days

Well, when it does, and the series becomes such a "hit" that it crosses over into JAMES BOND LAND, it takes on a "life" of its own.

The 3 megahits released this May have, for better or worse, reached that stage.

So expect a Fourth offering of each.

Heck, even George Lucas wants to add a couple of new stories to the Star Wars Saga.

Probably for TV though.
When was the last time you said: Uber-kool and Microsoft in the same breath?

Yeah, sometime before the Jurassic Period, if memory serves.

Anyway, this new Microsoft "Surface" touchscreen tabletop for $10,000 is sweet.

And very Un-Microsoft Like.

But the BIG news was that they kept it QUIET for five years. They must have had something else on the Front Burner (on low heat), distracting our attention. Hmmm,

I wonder what that could have been?

Link to my Media Circus 2 Blog on MS's Surface

Full News story at Popular
Under: Wait till Next Year DEPT.

Good chance at some Good Movies in 2008.

Yeah, I know summer 2007 has just barely started, but these recaps of upcoming fare begs a little Blog space.

Of course, for Christmas 2008, there's the Next Star Trek Movie.
That seems right on schedule. The other two "iffies" are:

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, together again for another Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, author) story. The prequel to Da Vinci called: Angels and Demons, from the book of the same title.

That, I read a few years past and it was a page turner. I hope they do it right.

And the Third Movie, based on a book I also read, is William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Due out in the later part of 2008.

From the Director that gave us Harrion Ford in Witness. Good movie.

The last chance for lightning to strike, is the long awaited pairing of Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and Fox Mulder, I mean David Duchovny.

The NeXt X-files Movie. They're Still at the talking stage.

Chris, if you're still having problems on a story, I'm working on a script right now.

In it, Scully meets up with Mulder in Vegas at a Hacker's Convention.

You remember me.

I was at that X-Files convention in Pasadena many years ago.

I was the guy that didn't ask Steven Williams what Johnny Depp was really like.

I'm still cool. Call me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Daily Bucket of FRESHMEAT?

The First Site I go to when I'm on the Fedora CORE 6 machine is visit that fresh repository of new cooked programs (mainly for Linux) called Freshmeat II.

Once in a while, instead of software, an article or editorial appears, like the following:

The Case For Java-Based Scripting Languages
by Subhash Chandran, in Editorials - Sat, Apr 21st 2007 00:00 PDT

Scripting languages are ubiquitous. They are used everywhere: in log parsing, triggering applications, or performing volatile operations which require frequent changes in logic. Shell script was one of the most popular languages through the end of 1980s. Then came Perl, which revolutionized the world of scripting. Later in the day, we have Python and Ruby, both pretty popular. In an organization having primarily Java skills, is it worthwhile to have your developers learn these languages?

Remainder of the Script Language Editorial is HERE.

But most of the time, the juicy-MEAT stuff is a Fresh New LINUX program, like the following:

Evolution RSS Reader Plugin 0.0.1
by Luci Langa - Sat, Apr 21st 2007 03:43 PDT

About: The Evolution RSS Reader Plugin enables support for RSS feeds in the Evolution mail reader.

Changes: A feed setup dialog and error messages were implemented. A progress window for reading RSS was added along with automatic folder creation.

This latter posting is MAINLY the reason I visit the site on a semi-daily basis.

On this day, Sat. April 21, 5:32 AM 2007 there were 25 fresh programs posted.

Yum-yum. Fresh Meat.

Even for vegetarians...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mapping Data

Data is more useful if you can see it from different angles. Because you can't see the forest if you're standing with trees in your face.

It sometimes helps to step back and get a broader perspective. An Overview if you will.

An often forgotten tool for doing this is a simple map. A picture is worth a 1000 words kinda of thing.

Here's a few of my favorite Perspective Changers:


10X10: It maps the most frequently 'buzzed" words and pictures that define time in a 10 by 10 grid. 100 pictures, 100 words.

Google-Maps: An open API for personal use, so you can make use of maps on your Web Page. (also see Yahoo Pipes below:

Technorati: A pulse keeper on what Bloggers are yapping about.

Twittervision: Leo Laporte said on the TWITs this week: If you need a quick explanation on what the latest craze in message twittering is, check this site out.

Yahoo Pipes: An online implementation of Mash-ups. Connecting open data from different websites and creating a new View of that Data.

Google Maps is often one of the building blocks, as is Flickr, the online picture hosting website.

Before Blogging went nuts, there was RSS (real simple syndication) feeds that kept you up-to-date on the latest info on the technology, news and media scene. Then with the aid of INCLOSURES in the HTML script (The Idea suggested by MTV Jock Adam Curry), mp3 audio became playable from an rss feed. This brilliant Idea was given the Nothing-To-Do-With IPODS name of Podcasting.

Later, another ENCLOSURE allowed Video to be enbedded in the HTML script.

A New Media delivery was born to give us Radiocasts and Videocasts.

RSS OWL A RSS feed Reader.

How do you see your Data? Let me count the ways.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Websites, Blogs, Podcasts and now Twitter...

What the heck is a Twitter?

Short answer: An IM-like messenger limited to 140 characters and able to communicate on the Web, on Cell-phones and even IM readers.

Short messages that respond to the most frequently asked question on IM--Where are you? And What are you doing?

Picture of world-map and current public Twitters on, but a better Mash-up is at

Check it Out.

Find out more about TWITTER at

I'm ernielinux, and I'm on the MAP, somewhere....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Message of Media Changes

McLuan tried to tell us that the 'Medium IS the Message', with new technology, that changes.

As the Medium changes, so does the message.

Example 1: When CD's began replacing records, it became apparent that part of the audio spectrum (like the high end) was lost. Gone.

Example 2: With storage compression, another layer of fidelity was lost. Gone.

Example 3: Video Ipods and PSP Videos (MP4 format) may have a higher HD rated output but the small screens can only approximate this detail. Again gone.

The Medium, which will soon be Cell-Phone-Ipod-Pocket PC devices, with give us only a subset of the message. A reader's digest of the story.

Shorter attention spans, short bite-size messages and soon a one-dimensional consciousness living in a one dimensional Virtual World.

The bee flits from flower to flower while the rest of reality is a soft blur.

Sunday, February 18, 2007 in holding pattern

Since my previous WEB Page ( is Drupal (CMS) based, and not as intuitive as I would like, I'm having second thoughts on using it on

It was to be released on February 14, 2007 as a gift to the world, but is now pushed back to the end of the month. This month...I hope.

A lot of good things have been happening in Podcasts, Online Video/TV and RSS feeds that I want to include in the New Approach Search Service (portal, if you will).

A Dr. Dobbs march 2007 article about the state of the OS also rattled the option of an online OS which I had expected long before this. Ever since I heard the tag-line, many years ago: "The Network IS the computer."

Virtualization and a Quantum Computer Demo just muddy the waters more than they provide any form of illumination.

Stay tuned. It's going to get Real Interesting Real Soon.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Revolution WILL be Televised...

After a lot of brouhaha of fits and starts, it appears the New Killer App we all have been waiting for has appeared. And Guess What?

It looks a lot like TV.

Internet TV

And it will reach down to your very Soul.

Meaning your cell phone.

It seems China doesn't know it's not nice to webcast "Live Network TV", like you see here on my Sony PSP. That's San Francisco's CBS "live" feed. And last night I watched "Spongebob" on Nickelodeon. Yeah, it does Cable too!

The format pushes you to either Mtcrosoft's Media Player (ver.10 recommeded), or Apple's Quicktime. Nothing for LINUX...(No Soup for You! Back of the Line...)

(pssst but we do have VLC and that decodes and streams ANYTHING...)

As we were told so many years ago..."You can't put Pandora, Back in The Box!".

This, for good or ill, changes everything....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Top 10 Koolhunter Sites

1. Wikipedia
The Free Encyclopedia.
2. Slash Dot
"News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters..."
3. Digg Community Selected News and Stuff that matters.
4. Technoratti
"55 million Blogs, Some Have To Be Good."
5. RefDesk
Reference, Facts, News.
6. Youtube
Broadcast Yourself.
7. Myspace
Community, Down-under.
The Podcast Directory.
9. Engadget
Geek Heaven.
10. MediaCircus2 (MC2)
"Whats it All About, Alfie?"

Extra # 11. TwonkyVision (Linux Media Streamer for PSP) Access THIS address with PSP Browser...

And for Linda : The GOOGLE Search Engine,
and of course YAHOO! (love that exclamation mark).