Sunday, December 23, 2007

Linux and WIFI

Finding Hotspots and Tools to Access WIFI

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In many respects, WiFi on Linux is not quite Ready-For-Primetime.

Even the latest Fedora 8, which Yashamaru is testing on a laptop before installing to his main machine Could Not find the WiFi signal running in our house. I've had similar setbacks with Fedora Core 6 and WiFi.

Ethernet cable works great on FC6. Even my Sony PSP catches WiFi like a champ, making my homebrew enabled Internet Radio very enjoyable, with rarely a drop in the signal to interrupt the music (a good way to test the wifi connection).

Another detail Yashamaru, found working on a Windows XP powered laptop he was converting to run Linux, was XP's lack of driver support for SATA (serial ATA) harddrives, the New Standard.

More to come, on WiFI and Linux.
Wingman out.

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