Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Message of Media Changes

McLuan tried to tell us that the 'Medium IS the Message', with new technology, that changes.

As the Medium changes, so does the message.

Example 1: When CD's began replacing records, it became apparent that part of the audio spectrum (like the high end) was lost. Gone.

Example 2: With storage compression, another layer of fidelity was lost. Gone.

Example 3: Video Ipods and PSP Videos (MP4 format) may have a higher HD rated output but the small screens can only approximate this detail. Again gone.

The Medium, which will soon be Cell-Phone-Ipod-Pocket PC devices, with give us only a subset of the message. A reader's digest of the story.

Shorter attention spans, short bite-size messages and soon a one-dimensional consciousness living in a one dimensional Virtual World.

The bee flits from flower to flower while the rest of reality is a soft blur.

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