Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mine's is bigger than Yours

Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking Movie ticket sales records here.

And Sony and Disney just want to set the "Record" straight. The studios NEVER screw with the numbers. RIGHT?


It really doesn't matter, does it? The main numbers to remember are:
When does 3 become 4?

That's when the third and final movie of the series for Spiderman, Shrek and Pirates of the Carribean, become 4.

When the receipts exeed 200,000 dollars in the first 10 days

Well, when it does, and the series becomes such a "hit" that it crosses over into JAMES BOND LAND, it takes on a "life" of its own.

The 3 megahits released this May have, for better or worse, reached that stage.

So expect a Fourth offering of each.

Heck, even George Lucas wants to add a couple of new stories to the Star Wars Saga.

Probably for TV though.
When was the last time you said: Uber-kool and Microsoft in the same breath?

Yeah, sometime before the Jurassic Period, if memory serves.

Anyway, this new Microsoft "Surface" touchscreen tabletop for $10,000 is sweet.

And very Un-Microsoft Like.

But the BIG news was that they kept it QUIET for five years. They must have had something else on the Front Burner (on low heat), distracting our attention. Hmmm,

I wonder what that could have been?

Link to my Media Circus 2 Blog on MS's Surface

Full News story at Popular
Under: Wait till Next Year DEPT.

Good chance at some Good Movies in 2008.

Yeah, I know summer 2007 has just barely started, but these recaps of upcoming fare begs a little Blog space.

Of course, for Christmas 2008, there's the Next Star Trek Movie.
That seems right on schedule. The other two "iffies" are:

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, together again for another Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, author) story. The prequel to Da Vinci called: Angels and Demons, from the book of the same title.

That, I read a few years past and it was a page turner. I hope they do it right.

And the Third Movie, based on a book I also read, is William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Due out in the later part of 2008.

From the Director that gave us Harrion Ford in Witness. Good movie.

The last chance for lightning to strike, is the long awaited pairing of Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and Fox Mulder, I mean David Duchovny.

The NeXt X-files Movie. They're Still at the talking stage.

Chris, if you're still having problems on a story, I'm working on a script right now.

In it, Scully meets up with Mulder in Vegas at a Hacker's Convention.

You remember me.

I was at that X-Files convention in Pasadena many years ago.

I was the guy that didn't ask Steven Williams what Johnny Depp was really like.

I'm still cool. Call me.

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