Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Revolution WILL be Televised...

After a lot of brouhaha of fits and starts, it appears the New Killer App we all have been waiting for has appeared. And Guess What?

It looks a lot like TV.

Internet TV

And it will reach down to your very Soul.

Meaning your cell phone.

It seems China doesn't know it's not nice to webcast "Live Network TV", like you see here on my Sony PSP. That's San Francisco's CBS "live" feed. And last night I watched "Spongebob" on Nickelodeon. Yeah, it does Cable too!

The format pushes you to either Mtcrosoft's Media Player (ver.10 recommeded), or Apple's Quicktime. Nothing for LINUX...(No Soup for You! Back of the Line...)

(pssst but we do have VLC and that decodes and streams ANYTHING...)

As we were told so many years ago..."You can't put Pandora, Back in The Box!".

This, for good or ill, changes everything....

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